Dog Training:
Highly Experienced and Effective

1 hour sessions start at $220

We will empower and educate you to understand your dog’s behaviour. You will also learn effective and lifelong training methods. Your dog will learn new behaviours to keep him or her calm and receptive. You will learn to pay close attention to your dog’s mental and emotional needs.

Learning to walk calmly on or off lead, sitting on command and when safe to do so, patiently watching and tolerating other dogs/people or animals are valuable skills to learn. Importantly, these skills will help your dog to live life to the fullest.


Vet Express offers in home, personalized dog training solutions. Calming supplements and medications are also available, but only if required. If you need help with :

  1. Barking
  2. Nipping
  3. Chewing feet, scratching
  4. Ball obsession, resource guarding
  5. Anxiety issues – Obsessive compulsive disorder
  6. Toileting inside the house
  7. Pulling on lead
  8. Chasing bikes, skateboards, cars, postman - Hyperactivity
  9. Digging
  10. Aggression (Human or dog directed aggression)
  11. Fearfulness
  12. Chewing resulting in destruction of furniture, belongings
  13. Jumping up
  14. Noise phobia/separation anxiety/thunderstorm phobia

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